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Letter from the President

Greetings to the Friends of the Japan Research Center!

In case you are not aware, Dr. Kinji Tanaka has retired and is now serving as Chairman of the Center's Board of Trustees.  We switched positions and I am now serving as president.  We all thank Dr.Tanaka for his many years of service to the Center and his service to the many organizations in the Greater Cincinnati region and in Japan.  We also want to recognize his and his wife's and family's continued service to the Center.  Tanaka has impacted so many people in the region and in Japan. He was recently recognized and honored for his work in improving understanding of Japanese culture by the Emperor of Japan with an award of the "Order of the Rising Sun," one of the highest awards to a citizen for his accomplishments. 

I hope that you will also continue to support the activities and events of the Center as you have done so in the past.  One of our upcoming events will include the celebrations of Hearn's arrival in the U.S.A.  We are planning activities in that regard, including a research project mentioned in this web site. This website, by the way, is a new addition and one of the goals this year of the Center.  Please check the website out for new program offerings and events and additions and changes throughout the year.  

Best wishes, and thank you for visiting us!

- Dr. Gary Eith 


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